Structural Solutions | STORAGE SILO – Port Kaiser, Jamaica

Enco was contracted to design the material handling upgrades to increase storage capacity with primary consideration to minimizing product segregation within the storage silo. A 50,000 ton steel storage silo, feed conveyor, re- claim conveyor and controls upgrade were the major system components.


Considerations for product segregation required a state of the art distribution system; the distribution system received alumina from the Silo Feed conveyor at top of silo and through a series of air- slide conveyors the product was distrib- uted over the entire diameter of the silo.


The silo reclaim system included a fluidized floor designed to move product from designated zones within the silo. A central fluidized reclaim tunnel trans- ferred alumina to a discharge chute and the reclaim belt conveyor.



Distribution Air-Slides at top of Silo

Design engineering for terminal up grade:
• Site survey
• Design engineering
• Foundation design
• Electrical power and control upgrades
• Construction coordination