Firtz Eneterprises Cupola


Support Structure Steel
Cupola Support Structure

Enco Engineering was contracted to provide structural engineering, design and plant layout for a new Iron Cupola at the Fritz Enterprises Rouge facility.  This project includes furnace and combustion chamber support structures, building enclosures, raw material feed hoppers and conveyors as well as off gas ducting, cooling and baghouse systems.  A mezzanine was developed to support the water cooled transformers that power the Cupola.

The project is now 80% complete and installation of power systems is under way.





Cupola Structure Enclosed







Project Components:

Feed System:

  • (2) 200 Ton Hoppers for Coke and Limestone Storage
  • 80ft Hopper Unloading Conveyor
  • Weigh Feeder Support Frame
  • Metal Feed System Foundations
  • 260ft Cupola Feed Conveyor


Product Output System:

  • 70ft Slag Conveyor Support Steel
  • 76ft Pig Conveyor Support Steel, Stairs, Walkways and Access Platforms
  • Pig Iron and Slag Pit/Reclaim Enclosures


Production System:

  • Structural Steel Support for the Cupola Furnace, Iron and Slag Runners, Control Room and Maintenance Platforms.
  • Structural Steel Support for the Cupola Head chute/Cap System, Off Gas Ducting and Combustion Chamber.
  • Design and Layout for the Cupola Head chute/Cap System and Combustion Chamber Cap System.
  • Access Platforms, Walkways and Stair Tower.
  • Control Room Design and Fabrication.
  • Electrical Mezzanine Design and Fabrication for Deionized Water Cooled Power Transformers.


Off Gas and Preheat System:

  • Layout and Foundation Design for Hot Blast Air Preheat Tower, Gas Cooling Unit and Baghouse.
  • Ducting design for Hot Blast Air and Off Gas System.