Reverb Aluminum Furnace Solutions

Fritz Enterprises

Enco Engineering was contracted to provide structural engineering, design and layout for a new Reverb Aluminum Furnace at Fritz Enterprises Rouge facility.  This new Furnace replaces an existing unit and necessitated a design that could be assembled quickly, allowing the plant to return to production.  Modifications to the original design were incorporated to improve heat retention, structural stability, operational controls and latent heat/vapor capture.  Structural framing was added to the top of the furnace to support new hoods and a more efficient  air handling and preheat system.  The furnace proper was preassembled at a local facility and shipped in large sections (up to 35,000 lbs) to the plant.  Rigging and assembly procedures were developed to allow quick, efficient field construction.

The system was put in operation and the Plant is reporting success on all counts.  Fuel consumption has been reduced and product consistency is easier to maintain.  Operational changes have increased efficiency and safety while reducing  maintenance procedures and downtime.