Ship loading Boom | Transmontaigne


Enco Engineering was contracted by DCL Inc. to quickly design and build a replacement boom for the Shiploader at the TransMontaigne Norfolk Terminal in Chesapeake Virginia.  The existing boom collapsed into a bulk ship when the luffing cable parted due to corrosion, rendering the shiploader inoperable.

The terminal facility transships ammonium sulphate.  This material along with coastal conditions contribute to an aggressively corrosive environment.  Sand blast cleaning and re-coating the steel structures is an ongoing process.

To relieve this problem it was determined to design the new boom using Structural Grade Aluminum.  This material does not readily react with the Ammonium Sulphate or the Salt Air.  The luffing cable was redesigned two ways.  First the cable was changed to stainless steel.  Then, the reeving system was developed into a two line configuration to help prevent catastrophic failure if a line parted.

Additional features were added to the system.

  • A luffing/telescoping platform for Spout maintenance was added to the front of the Gantry.  This facilitated the change-out of spout ends from radial spoon to dead-fall.
  • Air withdrawal from the spout and the gantry transfer point helped alleviate dusting.
  • The addition of Enco designed Conveyor Belt Clamps protect the boom and gantry from damage during a high wind condition when the boom is vertically stored. Ship-Loading-Boom-Design2