E-6 Airplane Tail Stand

Enco Engineering and its partner HPS Fabrications have contracted with the US Air Force to provide an E6 Tail Stand maintenance platform for Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.

The mobile platform is approximately 30ft x 30ft and 9.25ft tall.  The platform can be raised up to 14.25ft using air motor powered jacking screws.  An articulating stair provides access within the range.  A secondary mobile stair is placed on top of the deck.  This stair articulates using a manual hydraulic jack.

The platform is provided with compressed air and electrical connections around the perimeter.  Operational controls for raising and lowering the platform are located on the deck to facilitate positioning under the plane.

The platform was fully assembled and tested in our plant prior to shipment.

Upon delivery the components were fully assembled and tested at the Tinker Air Force Base.