Detroit Waste Water Treatment Plant Clarifiers

Detroit Waste Water Clarifier

Enco Engineering was contracted by Monroe Environmental to design a new Clarifier Rake Arm System at the Detroit Waste Water Treatment Plant in River Rouge Michigan.  The Clarifiers, at 250ft in diameter, are some of the largest in the United States.

The Rehabilitation Project for Clarifiers #13 and #14 requires a new Center Cage and Rake Arm design using logarithmically spiraled blades.  The system would also require a design torque of 2,000,000 ft-lbs as well as 115ft long cantilevered trusses.  The Center Cage will support a 72 blade diffuser system as well as the surface skimmer arms.

Installation is almost complete for both Clarifiers and new surface cement has been applied using the rake arms as guide screeds.  Design specifications called for a 1/4″ tolerance over the 250ft diameter double cone floor surface. Detroit Waste Water ClarifierThe rake arms worked exceptionally well during this phase if the installation.

A load test procedure has been developed to physically induce the 2,000,000 ft-lb design torque.  Once this testing is complete the clarifiers will be brought back on line.Detroit Waste Water Clarifier Center section